Sunday, October 25, 2015

Battle of the Pumpkin- Hardywood

    Next pumpkin beer we have is from Hardywood Park Craft Brewery out of Richmond. They offer two pumpkin beers. I chose the one from their barrel series, the Rum Pumpkin.

   This pumpkin beer is like no other that I have tasted so far. Hardywood ages this pumpkin beer in Caribbean dark rum barrels(which I am huge fan of when not drinking craft beer). You get a nice familiar pumpkin spice flavor up front and a sweetness from the brown sugar, then a great addition of the spiced dark rum. It has a great kick to it at 10.5% ABV! I think this the perfect beer for those wonderful family Thanksgiving dinners, not only will it taste great with dinner and desert, it will definitely help you sleep along with the food coma. 
     This is in limited release and sells out very quickly. I regret not getting more than one bottle when I purchased it. This is a pumpkin beer you do not want to let slip by. You may just have to take special trip down to Richmond before the holiday and grab yourself some. I might be doing the same thing if I cannot find it at my favorite local beer distributors.

Next up, pumpkin beer NOVA Brewfest edition.